The Airpower Course

Note: The Airpower Course has been recinded. You will not be issued a completion certificate for taking these lessons. The four lessons on the right remain available for use by Squadron Officer College students only until a new site can be constructed exclusively for their use. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

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Airpower Theory
Airpower has an inherently strategic nature. Early airpower theorists sought alternatives to the horrific attrition warfare of the trenches. This lesson traces the emergence of strategic bombardment as a central focus of airpower theory.
Foundations of Airpower Doctrine
This lesson traces the development of airpower doctrine from 1903 until the establishment of the USAF in 1947.
Doctrinal Excursions and Recovery
The Air Force inherited a well-formulated doctrine from the early theorists that had been refined in combat by the practitioners of WW II. This lesson looks at the factors that caused the Air Force to stray from its heritage from 1947 to 1986 and how it returned to its "roots" in DESERT STORM and since.
Doctrine-Strategy Link
This lesson looks at doctrine and strategy and examines their interrelationship.